China conducted the first biological experiment on the moon

China’s Weird Moon Discovery Baffles Scientists China’s National Space Administration reports mission-delivered seeds have begun to sprout on the moon «Chang’e-4». In addition to equipment for geological research, the spacecraft contains a container with air, water, seeds of cotton, potatoes, rapeseed and arabidopsis, as well as a culture of yeast and fruit fly eggs, which […]

Steven Seagal became the face of the new cryptocurrency Bitcoiin2Gen

Altcoins This Week: Another Japanese Exchange Hiccup, and Steven Seagal Joins the Crypto Craze Actor Steven Seagal announced that he has become the face of an advertising campaign for the Bitcoiin2Gen (B2G) cryptocurrency. It is a new cryptocurrency that claims to be a more advanced and popular version of the original Bitcoin (Satoshi Nikamoto). Bitcoiin2Gen […]

Zuckerberg vows to get regulatory approval to launch Libra, no matter how long it takes

Zuckerberg Says Won’t Launch Libra Without Regulatory Approval Mark Zuckerberg said Facebook will spend as long as necessary to get regulatory and policy approval for the Libra launch. Speaking to investors, the head of the largest social network tried to convince them that the company will take a responsible approach to the development of its […]

Bitcoin network has processed more than 500 million transactions

500,000,000 Bitcoin Transactions Processed According to the analytical website Blockosain Statoshi, over the entire existence of the batcoin blockchain, more than 500 million transactions have already been confirmed in it.. The project representatives said that the milestone of half a billion operations was passed at the height of block 616064.. The first registered Bitcoin transaction […]

The technology of ultrasonic levitation, enveloping obstacle is presented

Ultrasonic levitation Physicists at the University of Sussex pioneered ultrasonic levitation technology that can bend waves to avoid obstacles. The research team has developed SoundBender, an interface that creates dynamic self-distorting radiation that holds a small object in the air and allows you to feel the repulsive effect tactilely. However, the uniqueness lies in the […]

Saudi Arabia’s central bank starts transferring funds to local banks via blockchain

Saudi Central Bank begins transferring funds to local banks via blockchain Saudi Arabia’s Monetary Agency, the country’s central bank, has announced it has begun using blockchain technology to transfer funds to local banks.. In the official the announcement said that this initiative is part of a program for research and implementation of advanced technologies in the financial […]

5 terrible technologies that will shape our future

The technology that will shape our future Throughout history, many technologies were initially treated with apprehension, and it usually took only one or two generations to get used to it. However, some emerging technologies today raise serious doubts and questions about their long-term impact.. Recommender systems Each had to think over some decisions for hours, […]

Self-contained floating house built to withstand Category 4 hurricane

ARKUP | NEXT-GENERATION FLOATING HOUSE: Green & Can Withstand Category 4 Hurricanes   The Advantaged Company has launched Arkup floating residential buildings that are able to move independently on water and have their own power systems.,  water treatment and can withstand a Category 4 hurricane. The project belongs to the class of luxury yachts rather […]

Hyundai unveils new Neptune HDC-6 hydrogen fuel tractor concept

Hyundai HDC-6 Hydrogen Tractor and Trailer Walkaround South Korean carmaker Hyundai Motor Showcases Neptune HDC-6 Electric Tractor Concept Powered by Hydrogen Fuel. The 18-wheel vehicle has a sleek exterior design and a spacious interior. Company has not yet announced information about its power, range and other main technical characteristics. So far, we only know that the […]

Robots recruit employees much better than HR managers

Robot Recruiter: Artificial intelligence used to hire employees Artificial intelligence promises to change the hiring industry once and for all. Until now, one of the main problems is the so-called «nepotism» — many employees «lead» in the company of their relatives and friends. Recruiters and hiring managers also bring their own biases into the process. […]

China successfully tests a prototype of a magnetic levitation train, accelerating to 600 km / h

China’s 600 kph maglev train conducts successful test run A prototype superfast maglev train made its first run on the Shanghai section of the track on Sunday. Chinese prototype maglev accelerate to 600 km / h and at a distance of up to 1500 km is able to compete with passenger aircraft. Such a tremendous speed is […]

Electricity with the help of fusion reactors can begin to be produced as early as 2030

Fusion Power Explained – Future or Failure The British company Tokamak Energy in its new reactor heated the hydrogen plasma to 15 million °C, which exceeds the temperature of the Sun’s core. Company officials say the achievement is moving them closer to building the world’s first fusion reactor for commercial power generation, possibly even in […]

Physicists have created the perfect metal absorber for solar energy

Solar Panel Physics : Such Great Physics Using powerful femtosecond laser pulses, scientists etched nanostructures on a metal surface that selectively absorb light only from the solar spectrum.. Ordinary metal surfaces are shiny and reflect light well. Previously, a team from the University of Rochester developed a technology to make the surface of metals black, […]

Community reaction to Oleg Tinkov’s post about the point in the era of cryptocurrencies

Oleg Tinkov at Hong Kong FinTech Week 2018 [Русские субтитры]   Founder «Tinkoff Bank» Oleg Tinkov posted on Facebook fast «The era of cryptocurrencies is over», in which he harshly criticized the very idea of ​​cryptocurrencies, simultaneously affecting Bitcoin, TON, Libra and Tether. The banker claims that the emission center will never be given to […]

Engineers invented acoustically controlled microrobots

Engineers invented acoustically controlled microrobots Researchers have developed microscopic remote-controlled mechanical devices whose motors are powered  ultrasound. They can find many uses in medicine.. Using 3-D nanoprinting technology, engineers at the École Polytechnique de lausanne have created tiny, cage-sized soft capsules made entirely of biocompatible hydrogel. Their key elements are acoustic micromotors and mechanisms that […]

Scientists have found a new material that doubles the efficiency of silicon-based electronics

Exploring solar panel efficiency breakthroughs in 2020 A team of German scientists found that processing transistors with scandium aluminum nitride (ScAlN) can maximize power output and reduce power consumption of silicon-based devices. Although the semiconductor made from Si is the most successful and widespread in modern devices, but are gradually approaching their physical efficiency limit. Therefore, […]

Scientists have created a crystal that becomes flexible when exposed to electricity

Gemstones’ Electric Charge! Researchers have developed a crystalline material that becomes flexible when energized, and is also capable of independently generating an electric current from pressure.. To create it, a team from Nanyang Technological University changed the chemical structure of a hybrid ferroelectric compound C6H5N (CH3) 3CdCl3 and replaced some chlorine atoms in its composition with […]

Created a new rubber-like material that can be used to replace human tissue

Nanostructured rubber-like material with optimal properties could replace human tissue Researchers have developed a nano-rubber material with a number of unique properties that can be used as a replacement for cartilage and other human tissues in medical procedures. There is now a significant demand for materials that can be implanted into the body without side […]

Liverpool will be the green city of the future

Real Estate Sydney Property Market: Liverpool (Future Growth and Best Investment Potential!) In a race to improve environmental performance, Liverpool authorities plan to create better conditions for leadership — a widespread transition to green energy is planned in the city. Blockchain technology will be an auxiliary link in the work, with the help of which […]

New fuel cell will help solve the problem of renewable energy storage

The Missing Link in Renewables Chemists have created a reversible proton-ceramic electrochemical cell for power generation and fuel production, which, thanks to a unique catalyst, works with an efficiency of 98%. Nowadays, solar panels and wind turbines are increasingly being used, but storing excess energy in traditional batteries is inefficient and expensive. One alternative is […]

EU Tests Shock Absorbing Pavement To Help Avoid Fall Injury

Falls and Fall-Related Injury and Prevention Researchers have developed a new coating for sidewalks and bike paths, more than 60% of which is made from crushed rubber to reduce fall injuries and save thousands of lives. Falls are the second leading cause of death from accidental or unintentional injury, according to the World Health Organization. For […]

Kia to equip its EVs with 800V ultra-fast charging system

Porsche’s New 800-Volt System Makes Quick Work Of EV Charging Kia Motors has announced that it plans to install ultra-fast charging systems on all of its future electric vehicles, not limited to only flagship models. South Korean automaker claims innovation will reduce charging times and reduce weight of the drivetrain. Kia plans to launch the next […]

Crypto market: stabilization or short-term hiatus

The 6 WORST Cryptocurrency Investing Mistakes to Avoid Today, the dynamics of the cryptocurrency market is relatively stable, and most coins were even able to partially recover their value. However, analysts believe that the bottom has not yet been reached and a new collapse may follow a short-term correction.. After «burning» yesterday’s rebound throughout Wednesday, […]

New Zealand Tests Wireless Power Lines

New Zealand Tests Wireless Power Lines New Zealand startup Emrod is developing a long-distance wireless transmission system with government support to replace traditional transmission lines. Since the days of Nikola Tesla, many engineers have tried to develop a practical technology for transmitting large amounts of electricity through the air that could be used on an […]

Engineers turned a sheet of paper into a stand-alone electronic controller

T775 Setup Researchers have found a way to turn ordinary paper sheets into electronic control and information input devices that work without a permanent power source.   A team of engineers from Purdue University has developed a highly fluorinated molecule coating that repels water, oil and dust. This omniphobic material allows multiple layers of circuits […]

On September 7, EU finance ministers to discuss the future of cryptocurrencies

What Is the Future of Cryptocurrency? (2021 and Beyond) On September 7, a meeting of finance ministers of the 28 countries of the European Union is scheduled in Vienna, during which they will discuss cryptocurrencies, the implications of their impact on the eurozone and the regulatory measures needed to ensure economic stability. Potentially, this meeting […]

Scientists have created a wearable sensor for monitoring health and air pollution

Researchers have developed a highly sensitive sensor that allows you to monitor health conditions using a smartphone and determine the presence of harmful chemicals in the environment. To create a sensor device, scientists used a nanomaterial of reduced graphene oxide and molybdenum disulfide, on which, using a laser, they formed furrows with pores to detect […]

The first car on the blockchain will be created by the Porche company

The Story of Porsche: From WW2 to the 911 Porsche talked about being the first car manufacturer to implement and successfully test blockchain technology in cars. The range of application of blockchain technology can be quite wide: from closing and opening car doors through a special application with the ability to authorize temporary access to new […]

Russian Railways are thinking about using cryptocurrency

All Aboard For The Russian Railway Companies Using Blockchain Technology Oleg Belozerov, CEO of Russian Railways, in his interview «RIA News» said that the company is studying the prospects for using blockchain in its activities and is considering the possibility of adopting cryptocurrency, but only if it receives legitimate status. The head of Russian Railways […]

Amazon Web Services partners with little-known blockchain startup Kaleido

Kaleido: Blockchain Cloud at AWS Speed A young startup created by the ConsenSus blockchain incubator will become Amazon Web Services’ new strategic blockchain partner. During the ConsenSus conference in New York «cloudy» giant Amazon Web Services (AWS) has officially announced a partnership with startup Kaleido, which owes its creation to the work of a business […]

The head of UBS is confident that blockchain will help the world to save money

How the blockchain will radically transform the economy | Bettina Warburg Sergio Ermotti said this in an interview. Top manager is confident that blockchain is not a whim, but a necessity for business.  In his opinion, with the help of technology, people will be able to rationally use resources, which will ultimately lead to the […]

Potassium metal batteries become competitors of lithium-ion

Potassium Metal Battery Emerges as a Rival to Lithium-Ion Technology Researchers have solved the problem of dendrites in potassium batteries, which are a cheaper alternative to lithium-ion technology. Humanity’s dependence on energy storage devices is constantly growing, but due to the limited and high cost of lithium, the demand for more affordable and safer solutions is […]

Most Chinese banks are already using blockchain in their activities

Five most important crypto events in 2019 | BitScreener According to the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, most of the country’s banks and major technology companies have implemented blockchain in their products.. According to the report, 72 financial institutions have already reported to the government that they are providing services based on distributed ledger […]

US Senate doubts blockchain will solve financial system problems

Virtual Hearing – Monetary Policy and the State of the Economy (EventID=111208) The US Senate Banking Committee recognizes the usefulness and potential of blockchain, but believes that technology cannot solve all the problems of the financial system. At a hearing on cryptocurrency regulation, US lawmakers criticized claims that the technology will provide access to the financial […]

ICE plans to spend more than $ 20 million to create Bakkt

🔴 Big Things Are Happening With Cryptocurrency [Bitcoin, XRP, Ethereum Update] Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) network of exchanges and clearing houses for financial and commodity markets intends to invest over $ 20 million in Bakkt platform. The company’s chief financial officer, Scott Hill, said that in terms of expenses for 2019, $ 20-25 million has been […]

Scientists have discovered a light source that generates paired photons

Physical Science 7.3h – Atoms Absorb and Emit Light Researchers accidentally identified light source that generates two photons at once from the energy of an electron. The opening can be used to development secure quantum information technologies and replacement of electronic components of computer chips with optical. Quantum information is very sensitive and can disappear upon contact with the environment, […]

Robotic contact lenses invented whose refraction is controlled by eye movements

Can This Bionic Lens Give You Smart Vision? New soft contact lenses allow the user to zoom in and out of objects by controlling their refractive index with eye movements or double blinking. Most soft robotics devices are manually controlled or preprogrammed to perform certain actions. However, researchers at the University of California have invented […]

Republic of Burundi imposed a ban on cryptocurrency

Effect of CBN Ban on Cryptocurrency in Nigeria and the Solution The African Republic of Burundi imposed a complete ban on all cryptocurrency transactions within its borders. This decision was made to protect consumer rights.. According to the government’s statement, virtual currencies are highly volatile and are traded on unregulated platforms around the world, leading to […]

Bitcoin rate rises above $ 11 thousand, fully recovered after the March collapse

0.01 Bitcoin Is All You Need To Be Rich | Ethereum is a SLEEPING GIANT ready to explode! 💥 Bitcoin Price Recovers New 2020 High of $ 11,170K After Four Months Recovery Signaling Full Recovery After March Crash. Due to the introduction of a global quarantine in mid-March following the stock markets cryptocurrency also collapsed. In […]