New HP monitor can display two screens at once from different devices

HP ENVY DESKTOP | Connecting Two Monitors Hewlett-Packard unveils S430c ultra-wide curved monitor that allows you to display two screens at once from different devices and drag and drop files between them. While the new 43.4-inch monitor is not the most advanced and attractive design, it has several unique characteristics. It has 4K resolution (3840×1200), […]

Bitcoin rate rises above $ 11 thousand, fully recovered after the March collapse

0.01 Bitcoin Is All You Need To Be Rich | Ethereum is a SLEEPING GIANT ready to explode! 💥 Bitcoin Price Recovers New 2020 High of $ 11,170K After Four Months Recovery Signaling Full Recovery After March Crash. Due to the introduction of a global quarantine in mid-March following the stock markets cryptocurrency also collapsed. In […]

ICE plans to spend more than $ 20 million to create Bakkt

🔴 Big Things Are Happening With Cryptocurrency [Bitcoin, XRP, Ethereum Update] Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) network of exchanges and clearing houses for financial and commodity markets intends to invest over $ 20 million in Bakkt platform. The company’s chief financial officer, Scott Hill, said that in terms of expenses for 2019, $ 20-25 million has been […]

Crypto market: stabilization or short-term hiatus

The 6 WORST Cryptocurrency Investing Mistakes to Avoid Today, the dynamics of the cryptocurrency market is relatively stable, and most coins were even able to partially recover their value. However, analysts believe that the bottom has not yet been reached and a new collapse may follow a short-term correction.. After «burning» yesterday’s rebound throughout Wednesday, […]

China successfully tests a prototype of a magnetic levitation train, accelerating to 600 km / h

China’s 600 kph maglev train conducts successful test run A prototype superfast maglev train made its first run on the Shanghai section of the track on Sunday. Chinese prototype maglev accelerate to 600 km / h and at a distance of up to 1500 km is able to compete with passenger aircraft. Such a tremendous speed is […]

Mike Novogratz: “In 2019, there will be a” revolution “of the crypto market”

The Next Phase of the Crypto Revolution (w/ Mike Novogratz and Raoul Pal) Mike Novogratz, the founder of the crypto bank Galaxy Digital, expects the virtual currency market to return to overall positive dynamics thanks to the support of large investors next year.. During the interview cryptomillionaire said that 2018 was difficult enough for his company, as […]

Blockstream Co-Founder Unveils Way to Scale Bitcoin Without Hard Forking

Why Blockstream Destroyed Bitcoin Blockstream co-founder Mark Friedenbach proposed a new concept of Bitcoin network scaling based on alternating PoW algorithms that can be implemented using alternative ledgers without having to hard fork.. The concept was named Forward Blocks and is based on the principle «shards», that is, adding new structural elements to the main […]

Indian police cannot exchange seized bitcoins due to government ban on cryptocurrency

FINALLY BITCOIN BANNED IN INDIA ? | BANK ACCOUNT FREEZE | CRYPTO TRANSACTION IN BANK NOT ALLOWED Pune police seeks permission through the court to transfer funds confiscated from the organizers of the financial crypto pyramid to the treasury. Earlier, the local branch of the cyber police seized 244 units of cryptocurrency, mainly bitcoins, in […]

LedgerX canceled launch of bitcoin futures due to delay by regulator

LedgerX exchange launches physically settled Bitcoin mini futures LedgerX did not launch deliverable bitcoin futures contracts due to US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) delaying the decision on their issuance application. On Wednesday, Paul Chow, the company’s CEO said on the release of the long-awaited product, but today admitted that the launch was canceled at the […]

Chinese miners begin to stop mining due to outbreak of coronavirus

Survivors trapped in Chinese gold mine receive food and blankets, as one worker’s death confirmed Due to the introduction of quarantine in China, local businesses are experiencing difficulties due to partial restrictions on the movement of citizens. Since the authorities are trying to keep the situation under control, in some regions people simply cannot easily […]

Warren Buffett calls blockchain an ingenious invention, and bitcoin an illusion

Charlie Munger: Bitcoin Is Worthless Artificial Gold | CNBC The famous investor and billionaire Warren Buffett called the blockchain an ingenious and important technology, but he never changed his attitude towards cryptocurrency, considering Bitcoin to be just an illusion.. The head of Berkshire Hathaway said in a recent interview that they explained to him the […]