Robotic contact lenses invented whose refraction is controlled by eye movements

Can This Bionic Lens Give You Smart Vision? New soft contact lenses allow the user to zoom in and out of objects by controlling their refractive index with eye movements or double blinking. Most soft robotics devices are manually controlled or preprogrammed to perform certain actions. However, researchers at the University of California have invented […]

Electricity with the help of fusion reactors can begin to be produced as early as 2030

Fusion Power Explained – Future or Failure The British company Tokamak Energy in its new reactor heated the hydrogen plasma to 15 million °C, which exceeds the temperature of the Sun’s core. Company officials say the achievement is moving them closer to building the world’s first fusion reactor for commercial power generation, possibly even in […]

GE to test world’s largest 12MW wind turbine with 107m blades

World’s Most Powerful Offshore Wind Turbine | Haliade-X | GE Renewable Energy General Electric’s Energy Division will conduct testing of elements of the largest and most powerful offshore wind generator GE Haliade-X 12 MW, the blades of which are longer than a football field. In Boston Harbor, GE Renewable Energy unveiled the first 107 meter blade […]

Most Chinese banks are already using blockchain in their activities

Five most important crypto events in 2019 | BitScreener According to the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, most of the country’s banks and major technology companies have implemented blockchain in their products.. According to the report, 72 financial institutions have already reported to the government that they are providing services based on distributed ledger […]

Robots recruit employees much better than HR managers

Robot Recruiter: Artificial intelligence used to hire employees Artificial intelligence promises to change the hiring industry once and for all. Until now, one of the main problems is the so-called «nepotism» — many employees «lead» in the company of their relatives and friends. Recruiters and hiring managers also bring their own biases into the process. […]

IMF thinks stablecoins can supplant traditional money

Could Cryptocurrencies ever Replace Traditional Money? What will Happen during a Market Crisis? A new report from the International Monetary Fund says that digital currencies and fiat-pegged cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular and are able to supplant traditional money.. IN document the authors talk about the fact that large companies are beginning to compete with banks […]

The head of UBS is confident that blockchain will help the world to save money

How the blockchain will radically transform the economy | Bettina Warburg Sergio Ermotti said this in an interview. Top manager is confident that blockchain is not a whim, but a necessity for business.  In his opinion, with the help of technology, people will be able to rationally use resources, which will ultimately lead to the […]

Amazon Web Services partners with little-known blockchain startup Kaleido

Kaleido: Blockchain Cloud at AWS Speed A young startup created by the ConsenSus blockchain incubator will become Amazon Web Services’ new strategic blockchain partner. During the ConsenSus conference in New York «cloudy» giant Amazon Web Services (AWS) has officially announced a partnership with startup Kaleido, which owes its creation to the work of a business […]

Hyundai unveils new Neptune HDC-6 hydrogen fuel tractor concept

Hyundai HDC-6 Hydrogen Tractor and Trailer Walkaround South Korean carmaker Hyundai Motor Showcases Neptune HDC-6 Electric Tractor Concept Powered by Hydrogen Fuel. The 18-wheel vehicle has a sleek exterior design and a spacious interior. Company has not yet announced information about its power, range and other main technical characteristics. So far, we only know that the […]

The first car on the blockchain will be created by the Porche company

The Story of Porsche: From WW2 to the 911 Porsche talked about being the first car manufacturer to implement and successfully test blockchain technology in cars. The range of application of blockchain technology can be quite wide: from closing and opening car doors through a special application with the ability to authorize temporary access to new […]

New Zealand Tests Wireless Power Lines

New Zealand Tests Wireless Power Lines New Zealand startup Emrod is developing a long-distance wireless transmission system with government support to replace traditional transmission lines. Since the days of Nikola Tesla, many engineers have tried to develop a practical technology for transmitting large amounts of electricity through the air that could be used on an […]

Self-contained floating house built to withstand Category 4 hurricane

ARKUP | NEXT-GENERATION FLOATING HOUSE: Green & Can Withstand Category 4 Hurricanes   The Advantaged Company has launched Arkup floating residential buildings that are able to move independently on water and have their own power systems.,  water treatment and can withstand a Category 4 hurricane. The project belongs to the class of luxury yachts rather […]

Kia to equip its EVs with 800V ultra-fast charging system

Porsche’s New 800-Volt System Makes Quick Work Of EV Charging Kia Motors has announced that it plans to install ultra-fast charging systems on all of its future electric vehicles, not limited to only flagship models. South Korean automaker claims innovation will reduce charging times and reduce weight of the drivetrain. Kia plans to launch the next […]

Saudi Arabia’s central bank starts transferring funds to local banks via blockchain

Saudi Central Bank begins transferring funds to local banks via blockchain Saudi Arabia’s Monetary Agency, the country’s central bank, has announced it has begun using blockchain technology to transfer funds to local banks.. In the official the announcement said that this initiative is part of a program for research and implementation of advanced technologies in the financial […]

New window system reduces noise level by 26 decibels and improves ventilation by 4 times

New window system reduces noise level by 26 decibels and improves ventilation by 4 times Researchers have developed an acoustically safe ventilation window system that significantly reduces external noise levels and improves room ventilation.. Street noise has long been a problem in densely populated cities. The best way to avoid it today is in an […]

Liverpool will be the green city of the future

Real Estate Sydney Property Market: Liverpool (Future Growth and Best Investment Potential!) In a race to improve environmental performance, Liverpool authorities plan to create better conditions for leadership — a widespread transition to green energy is planned in the city. Blockchain technology will be an auxiliary link in the work, with the help of which […]

The possibility of transmission of infection through banknotes will stimulate the development of digital currencies, according to the BIS

Digital Currencies and Stable Coins as Crisis Management Tools According to summary Bank for International Settlements, fears that cash may be one of the channels for the spread of pathogens will increase the interest of central banks in the development of digital payment methods. The COVID-19 pandemic has heightened public concern about this, despite measures taken […]

Created the first electric hydrofoil jet ski

World’s first electric hydrofoil jet-ski The University of Western Australia teamed up with Electro.Aero to develop the world’s first electric jet hydrofoil WaveFlyer. While stationary, the boat is similar to a conventional jet ski, but lifts up during movement thanks to an actively stabilized hydrofoil propulsion system. The jet ski is much quieter, more energy […]

Blockchain ETF Launched on London Stock Exchange

Blockchain ETF Launches On London Stock Exchange Today | ETHNews Briefs Investment firm Invesco launches ETF on the London Stock Exchange, which takes into account the performance of 48 leading companies making real profits from blockchain technology. New exchange-traded fund was named Invesco Elwood Global Blockchain ETF and will track indices of such giants as Samsung Eltctronics, Apple, […]

Yandex presented an unmanned vehicle with the fourth level of autonomy

Yandex introduced an unmanned vehicle with a fourth level of autonomy Yandex announced the release of the fourth generation unmanned vehicle based on the 2020 Hyundai Sonata. Today, the Russian Internet giant has published a video showing some of the capabilities of the new product. As part of a joint project, the Hyundai Mobis team […]

Canaan will release next generation ASIC based on 5nm chips

This Is the End of the Silicon Chip, Here’s What’s Next Canaan, a maker of specialized integrated circuits (ASICs) for mining cryptocurrencies, plans to release more advanced equipment based on 5nm chips in the first quarter of 2020. Technically, the new miners should significantly outperform the models on the market. Next-generation ASICs will have higher […]

Porsche tests four-engine powertrain for electric SUVs

Porsche Electric Powertrain Explained The Stuttgart Porsche Engineering team has announced work on a four-engine powerplant that will provide each wheel with a separate engine for quick power distribution based on current road conditions.. The goal of the new development is not to improve the speed performance of electric vehicles, but to improve handling where […]

The US wants to assign license plates to all drones

Drone Assembly Tutorial – NXP HoverGames The Federal Aviation Administration of the United States has introduced a legislative proposal to install individual remote IDs on all private drones – electronic analogs of license plates. The regulator considers this to be necessary measures to ensure the safety of the airspace. According to officials, the innovation will […]

The technology that makes Youtube the best video hosting service

The Best Video Hosting Options for Businesses and Content Creators The most popular video hosting site checks millions of videos daily for prohibited or copyrighted materials, simultaneously giving out the most interesting videos to recommended ones. Artificial intelligence, which is used in almost all sections of Youtube, helps to do this quickly and efficiently.. Search […]

Gateway plans to open first artificial gravity space hotel in 2025

Gateway: The $75BN Space Station Gateway unveils Von Braun Station, which could be the first space hotel with artificial gravity and all the amenities available on Earth. According to the hotel’s plan, it will be able to accommodate 400 people and will have the necessary infrastructure for a comfortable stay, including restaurants and cinemas. The […]

The new solar panel can be folded in half without damage

Common problems with solar panels Researchers have created a solar panel so flexible that it continues to function normally even after 10,000 folds in half.. Rigid PV panels are well suited for roofs and solar farms, but their use is severely limited elsewhere. Modern electronic technology is moving towards greater flexibility, so engineers at Pusan […]

Estonia has deployed a system of warning drivers about animals on the road

Estonia has deployed a system of warning drivers about animals on the road Newly installed system automatically detects the approach of large animals to the road and includes warning lights in the vicinity to reduce vehicle speed. The purpose of the innovation is not only to protect wildlife, but also to prevent injuries and accidents […]

For the first time, a self-driving truck successfully completes an off-road journey

Driverless Truck now doing 650 Mile route through America, threatens Truck Drivers Jobs After driving 4500 km on various types of roads without incident, the L4 truck became the first self-driving vehicle in the world to successfully deliver valuable cargo off-road.. A commercial refrigerator leaves Tulare, California, and autonomously transports 18 tons of butter to […]

Smart patch for chronic wound healing invented

A Clever Bandage To Heal Chronic Wound By A Teenage Innovator. | Anushka Naiknaware | TEDxGateway Engineers developed «clever» a patch that automatically injects various medications into the area of ​​a chronic wound, and is controlled remotely via a smartphone. Chronic wounds are one of the most dangerous complications of diabetes and are the leading […]

4 out of 10 cybercriminals work for large companies

Why Companies Like Google And Facebook Pay Hackers Millions Research by the University of Surrey Department of Criminology found that most of the specialized services, access tools and malware offered on the dark web are in high demand among the corporate sector.. In the course of the investigation, a group of experts maintained secret correspondence […]

13% of Ethereum nodes disconnected due to an error in the Parity Ethereum client

Installing The Parity Ethereum Client | Blockchain An unknown error in the program code of the Parity Ethereum and OpenEthereum clients prevents the nodes from synchronizing with the last closed blocks on the network. As a result of problems with two implementations of blockchain programs, about 13% of nodes have become useless. The developers have […]

France will arm satellites with machine guns and lasers

Lasers in space: France joins anti-satellite arms race French Defense Ministry plans to put into orbit new generation satellites equipped with machine guns and laser weapons by 2030. Florence Parley, Minister of the Armed Forces, announced that the country’s space defense program will be allocated annually from the budget €700 million, and by 2025 more than […]