BitTorrent Launches P2P Social Networking In Q2 2019

P2P Bittorrent Part–2

BitTorrent Launches P2P Social Networking In Q2 2019

Tron-owned BitTorrent has announced the launch of the public beta of its own decentralized social network BitTorrent Live in Q2 2019.

The new social media platform focuses on video. Users can create their own content in real time, connect with other people via mobile devices and search for what they are interested in. The streaming service will allow you to broadcast live from anywhere with an Internet connection, and viewers will be able to leave comments and like.

The company said it already offers pre-access to the platform.

The idea behind BitTorrent Live is not new, as company representatives have been discussing plans to launch a similar product since 2012. The first version was a new content delivery protocol, not a social network application, but further development stopped in 2017 due to lack of funds to separate the service into a separate business.

Despite the launch of new BitTorrent projects, according to one of the former leaders campaigns, the Tron blockchain is not able to independently process the transaction flow required for the full techinization of the service.

Recently users of the popular video streaming service Twitch began to report that the platform has stopped supporting cryptocurrencies.

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