CME to suspend trading activity due to coronavirus

CME Group CEO Terry Duffy on trading floor close

CME to suspend trading activity due to coronavirus

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange, North America’s largest financial derivatives market, has announced plans to close its trading floor in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

CME Group, which, among other things, trades settlement bitcoin futures, will temporarily shut down the hall after the end of the auction on Friday. According to the press service, more than a single case of infection has not been recorded in the building, but this step will be a precautionary measure to avoid the spread of the virus to the US financial markets..

Date of resumption of activity the site is not yet known and will depend on the recommendations of epidemiologists. The company’s headquarters will continue to operate as usual.

At the moment, the state of Illinois, where the exchange is located, has already registered 25 cases of COVID-19 infection..

The coronavirus affects not only trading activities, but also the state of the markets, including the cryptocurrency one. Against the background of the general downturn, investors are transferring their capital to the safest assets, to which they still do not classify bitcoin.

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: makemefeed