Created a digital device that can recreate all taste sensations

A digital device has been created that can recreate all the taste sensations.

Created a digital device that can recreate all taste sensations

Japanese inventor Khomei Miyashita has presented a portable electronic device that, upon contact with the tongue, can recreate any taste experience associated with food..

We are used to evaluating our devices by their processing power, memory size, display clarity and sound clarity. However, a researcher from Meiji University wants to add the quality of taste transfer to this list..

Khomei Miyashita developed a compact digital device (called a Norimaki synthesizer) with five gel-coated electrolytes that control the intensity of the sensation of basic tastes: sour, sweet, bitter, salty and umami. The principle of its operation is based on electrophoresis, therefore, when the gel tubes come in contact with the tongue, they excite the corresponding receptors and the person begins to feel different tastes.

The ability to regulate the levels of electrical charges (with low voltage so as not to harm the subject) allows you to enhance or muffle certain tastes by applying different combinations of them. As a result, the user can taste, for example, the sweetness of candy, the acidity of fruits and even sushi..

Created a digital device that can recreate all taste sensations

The inventor himself compares the operation of the device with a monitor, when our eyes create a beautiful image from a series of pixels of only three colors (red, green and blue) that continuously pulsate with different intensities..

In addition to using technology for entertainment purposes, Khomei Miyashity believes that the taste synthesizer will help people who are forced to follow a diet to feel the taste of prohibited foods and dishes without harm to their health..

However, researchers are working on the possibility of transmitting other sensations through digital devices. Previously, a team of Malaysian scientists developed a digital scent technology that could be transmitted over the Internet or feel in virtual reality.

text: Ilya Bauer, photo and video: YouTube / Homei Miyashita