Created paint to replace conditioner

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Created paint to replace conditioner

The Israeli company SolCold is developing a unique material that, after being applied to the surface, cools the object under the influence of only sunlight..

The sun is the main source of energy and heat, and the stronger its radiation, the more the surface heats up. However, Israeli researchers have presented a coating that reacts to light in the opposite way. The material consists of several layers of paint and is capable of converting the heat of an object into radiation, which is then released during the anti-Stokes luminescence process, providing a cooling effect.

Paint created to replace conditioner

The coating functions as a layer of ice that becomes thicker and cooler when the sunlight is intensified. The company says its product can be used for buildings, cars, containers and virtually any outdoor facility that needs cooling. They estimate the size of the future market at $ 100 billion..

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text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: Kalle Kortelainen / Unsplash