CTO Ripple: “We are much more decentralized than Bitcoin or Ethereum”

Bitcoin vs XRP: The Truth About Decentralization Ripple CTO David Schwartz explains why the top two cryptocurrencies in terms of capitalization are close to centralization. Ripple’s CTO recently said the XRP blockchain is more decentralized compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum. On his blog, he tried justify criticism of XRP, which many see as overly centralized. Schwartz’s main […]

CEX.IO Offers New DeFi Tokens and No Commission Instant Visa Deposits

CEX.IO company blog | CEX.IO: new DeFi tokens and free Visa deposits In preparation for the release of one-click access to DeFi, crypto exchange CEX.IO adds major decentralized finance tokens and offers instant, commission-free card deposits «Visa». One of the leading international cryptocurrency exchanges, announced its plans to enter the decentralized finance market. In preparation, […]

Ethereum mempool download grows 35% after Uniswap governance tokens are released

Ethereum mempool download grows 35% after Uniswap governance tokens are released According to the observer Etherscan, after the opening of accepting applications for the Uniswap UNI management token, the number of pending Ethereum transactions increased by almost 35%. Tonight, the decentralized platform announced the launch of UNI, 1 billion of which will be released over […]

Nikolay Evdokimov spoke about the mechanics of assessing the investment attractiveness of a startup

Valuation of Early Stage Startups (Part 1) – Overview for Investors | Crowdwise Academy (315) Minister of Information of the decentralized blockchain state Decenturion, blockchain expert and investor Nikolay Evdokimov talked about how to choose the right startup, what to look for during the ICO and how to invest in order to achieve maximum efficiency. […]