Italian bank started working with bitcoin due to increased quarantine

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Italian bank started working with bitcoin due to increased quarantine

Italian bank Banco Sella has launched a service that allows customers to buy and sell bitcoin, as well as make international transfers and pay for goods using it.

Representatives of the financial institution claim that while sitting at home due to quarantine, the masses have begun to show great interest in cryptocurrencies. The bank decided to take advantage of the situation and added Bitcoin support to its Hype platform, acting as an intermediary to ensure the security of the exchange.

The platform is currently used by about 1.2 million Italians. Now they will be able not only to buy and sell cryptocurrency on a par with fiat, but also make international transfers, pay for goods, works, services.

According to Hype CEO Antonio Valitutti, most of their clients are young and smart people interested in gaining open access to global tools that can be used daily for calculations..

In addition to digital assets, blockchain technology is also gaining popularity in Italy, which has already begun to be used for voting and recording data on higher education..

Amid global panic, governments are beginning to make more compromises in search of innovative ways to solve pressing problems. For example, Hawaii recently announced on the opening of a regulatory sandbox for issuers of digital currencies.

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: 01net