Japan’s 84-meter dam will be almost entirely built by robots

84-meter dam in Japan will be almost entirely built by robots

Japan's 84-meter dam will be almost entirely built by robots

Obayashi has begun construction of a huge concrete dam, but due to a shortage of manpower, most of the construction work will be carried out by robots..

As a result of declining birth rates and an aging population, Japan is forced to use robots in almost every industry. Therefore, the contractor has developed automated equipment for setting the foundation, pouring concrete for the formation of the dam body and performing other works..

Almost everything on the site is controlled remotely via computers in the company’s office. In this way, engineers can control not only the laying of concrete layers, but also the operation of tower cranes, the location of each individual partition, and the construction process as a whole. However, for «smooth» on-site work still requires people to monitor and coordinate machines.

Japan's 84-meter dam will be almost entirely built by robots

According to Obayashi management, the use of automated robotic systems increases productivity by only 10%, but in the end it will reduce construction time by 30%. The company also notes that robots do not need additional training in the profession..

The project involves the construction of a dam 84 m high and 334 m wide in Japan’s Mie prefecture in the southeast of the country’s main island. The object should be completed in March 2023.

Since Japan is older than 35% of builders are over 55 years old, then engineers also create humanoid robots, who will be able to fulfill internal assembly and finishing works.

text: Ilya Bauer, photo: Obayashi Corporation