NASA confirms the presence of water on the moon

NASA confirms the presence of water on the Moon

NASA confirms the presence of water on the moon

Water was found on the moon. NASA experts have confirmed the find and are already planning opportunities for further research.

NASA officials interpret the presence of water on the moon as an opportunity for the beginning of large-scale research that can give sensational results.

Jim Bridenstein of the US National Space Agency said the following in a recent interview: «We know there are hundreds of billions of tons of ice on the moon’s surface». The information became available after the analysis of data collected from the lunar orbit by an Indian spacecraft.

NASA confirms the presence of water on the moon

According to research, ice is settling in the darkest and coldest corners of the polar regions of the satellite. The discovery became an important component of initiating a new flight of people to the moon for the first time in half a century. The availability of water will satisfy the needs of living organisms, it is necessary for the production of rocket fuel and the creation of oxygen.

Sara Noble, representing a group of lunar researchers, noted in an interview that it is currently unknown whether it is possible to extract ice from the lunar surface for its subsequent study and practical application. She also added that scientists have no idea about the exact amount of ice. Clarification of details depends on the success of additional research, which should be done by special devices..

It is known that most of the frozen water is in the shadows of craters at the poles, where the temperature is always at around -156 Celsius. In order to explore the surface and conduct experiments, it was proposed to build a lunar orbiting space station in satellite orbit. NASA announced that the power unit is planned to be launched in 2022.

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text: Evgeniya Likhodey