NASA will test its first electric plane

NASA Is Testing It’s First-Ever All-Electric Aircraft | Future Blink

NASA will test its first electric plane

The prototype of the first all-electric X-57 Mod II aircraft arrives at NASA’s California research center for open testing.

The agency uses X-type aircraft to test and evaluate its new technologies. This time, they will test the electric motor systems in order to better study this direction and share the experience with other participants in the aviation market..

First, Mod II ground tests will be conducted to help the team prepare for the next phases of the project and a manned flight in the finals. It is not yet known how long the entire program will take, but the III and IV configurations of the aircraft will already have wings, unlike the current version..

In addition to others in the industry, NASA will share information with regulators so that they can develop separate certification standards for electric aircraft, including urban vertical takeoff and landing options, commonly referred to as «flying cars».

Recall that in March in China, tests were successfully completed aircraft on hydrogen fuel LQ-H.

text: Ilya Bauer, photo: NASA