New strong adhesive can quickly peel off under the influence of a magnetic field

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New strong adhesive can quickly peel off under the influence of a magnetic field

Scientists have created a new polyurethane adhesive that can quickly peel off the surface after 30 seconds in a magnetic field, making it easy to disassemble and recycle products at the end of their life..

Many elements of mobile phones, cars and other equipment are held together with glue. This is a fast and relatively cheap production method, but it also does not allow for efficient disassembly of individual parts for recycling, so most of the material ends up in landfill..

However, a team of researchers from the University of Reading and Stanelco RF Technologies may have found a solution. Together they developed a new type of adhesive filled with tiny metal particles (8% by weight) that melts when exposed to an alternating electromagnetic field. As a result, the elements that it connects simply disintegrate..

This glue is suitable for plastic, wood, glass and metal, and is comparable in strength to existing industrial options..

According to inventors, to separate objects, it is enough to place them in a relatively weak magnetic field for 30 seconds. Of this enough for heating iron oxide particles. 

This the technology is also safe for humans and allows you to interact with objects with bare hands, since only metal particles are heated. Scientists say that in this way any hot melt can be modified, which simplifies industrial applications.

Currently, the only problem is removing residues, but when working with metals, they disappear automatically as they melt together. This recycling method also eliminates the need for chemicals, which not only increases its economic efficiency, but also makes it more environmentally friendly..

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text: Ilya Bauer, photo: University of Sussex