Mail.Ru Group and GeekBrains to Launch Digital MBA Education Program

Презентация Digital MBA Mail.Ru Group and educational portal GeekBrains announced the launch of a business education program «Digital MBA», dedicated to digital business transformation. During the training, participants will learn how to develop and monetize products,  shape successful digital strategies, lead a team, and more. Among the teachers there will be top managers and leading […]

CEX.IO Offers New DeFi Tokens and No Commission Instant Visa Deposits

CEX.IO company blog | CEX.IO: new DeFi tokens and free Visa deposits In preparation for the release of one-click access to DeFi, crypto exchange CEX.IO adds major decentralized finance tokens and offers instant, commission-free card deposits «Visa». One of the leading international cryptocurrency exchanges, announced its plans to enter the decentralized finance market. In preparation, […]

New window system reduces noise level by 26 decibels and improves ventilation by 4 times

New window system reduces noise level by 26 decibels and improves ventilation by 4 times Researchers have developed an acoustically safe ventilation window system that significantly reduces external noise levels and improves room ventilation.. Street noise has long been a problem in densely populated cities. The best way to avoid it today is in an […]

New HP monitor can display two screens at once from different devices

HP ENVY DESKTOP | Connecting Two Monitors Hewlett-Packard unveils S430c ultra-wide curved monitor that allows you to display two screens at once from different devices and drag and drop files between them. While the new 43.4-inch monitor is not the most advanced and attractive design, it has several unique characteristics. It has 4K resolution (3840×1200), […]

Mike Novogratz: “In 2019, there will be a” revolution “of the crypto market”

The Next Phase of the Crypto Revolution (w/ Mike Novogratz and Raoul Pal) Mike Novogratz, the founder of the crypto bank Galaxy Digital, expects the virtual currency market to return to overall positive dynamics thanks to the support of large investors next year.. During the interview cryptomillionaire said that 2018 was difficult enough for his company, as […]

IMF thinks stablecoins can supplant traditional money

Could Cryptocurrencies ever Replace Traditional Money? What will Happen during a Market Crisis? A new report from the International Monetary Fund says that digital currencies and fiat-pegged cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular and are able to supplant traditional money.. IN document the authors talk about the fact that large companies are beginning to compete with banks […]

CTO Ripple: “We are much more decentralized than Bitcoin or Ethereum”

Bitcoin vs XRP: The Truth About Decentralization Ripple CTO David Schwartz explains why the top two cryptocurrencies in terms of capitalization are close to centralization. Ripple’s CTO recently said the XRP blockchain is more decentralized compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum. On his blog, he tried justify criticism of XRP, which many see as overly centralized. Schwartz’s main […]

GE to test world’s largest 12MW wind turbine with 107m blades

World’s Most Powerful Offshore Wind Turbine | Haliade-X | GE Renewable Energy General Electric’s Energy Division will conduct testing of elements of the largest and most powerful offshore wind generator GE Haliade-X 12 MW, the blades of which are longer than a football field. In Boston Harbor, GE Renewable Energy unveiled the first 107 meter blade […]

Created microscopic biorobots, set in motion by muscles and nerves

Muscle and Motion Researchers have developed soft robotic devices controlled by neuromuscular tissue that respond to light stimulation. The technology brings mechanical engineering closer to the creation of autonomous biorobots that act depending on environmental signals. Bioengineers at the University of Illinois first created biobots in 2014. Previous variants moved with the help of rats’ […]

Canaan will release next generation ASIC based on 5nm chips

This Is the End of the Silicon Chip, Here’s What’s Next Canaan, a maker of specialized integrated circuits (ASICs) for mining cryptocurrencies, plans to release more advanced equipment based on 5nm chips in the first quarter of 2020. Technically, the new miners should significantly outperform the models on the market. Next-generation ASICs will have higher […]

Filecoin will launch a test version of the network in December

Filecoin Protocol Implementations: What’s Next? The Filecoin decentralized file hosting protocol team has announced that it has entered the final stage of development, and also announced the approximate timing of the launch of the test and working version of the network.. According to the announcement, an alpha version of the network will be released on […]

Scientists Accelerate Algae Photosynthesis with New Polymer

VLIZ MARINE SCIENCE DAY 2021 Researchers Stimulate Algae Photosynthesis with Modified Light-Harvesting Polymer, Increasing Their Growth Rate by 100%. Algae are promising sources of biofuel production, but they are rarely used due to their slow growth. However, scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences have created a synthetically light-harvesting polymer material that increases plant activity […]

Physicists discover exotic spiral electrons

Physicists Discover New Massless Particle- 1000 times faster than electrons A group of physicists discovered the existence of an exotic form of electrons that spiral around their own antiparticle. Scientists have discovered that chiral excitons are formed on the surface of a bismuth selenide crystal under intense exposure to light, consisting of «knocked out» radiation […]

Blockstream Co-Founder Unveils Way to Scale Bitcoin Without Hard Forking

Why Blockstream Destroyed Bitcoin Blockstream co-founder Mark Friedenbach proposed a new concept of Bitcoin network scaling based on alternating PoW algorithms that can be implemented using alternative ledgers without having to hard fork.. The concept was named Forward Blocks and is based on the principle «shards», that is, adding new structural elements to the main […]

Ethereum mempool download grows 35% after Uniswap governance tokens are released

Ethereum mempool download grows 35% after Uniswap governance tokens are released According to the observer Etherscan, after the opening of accepting applications for the Uniswap UNI management token, the number of pending Ethereum transactions increased by almost 35%. Tonight, the decentralized platform announced the launch of UNI, 1 billion of which will be released over […]

France will arm satellites with machine guns and lasers

Lasers in space: France joins anti-satellite arms race French Defense Ministry plans to put into orbit new generation satellites equipped with machine guns and laser weapons by 2030. Florence Parley, Minister of the Armed Forces, announced that the country’s space defense program will be allocated annually from the budget €700 million, and by 2025 more than […]

Bank of England Governor: “The dollar needs to be replaced with a single international digital currency”

Bank of England Governor Mark Carney speaks Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England, has proposed using a single digital currency controlled by central banks as a reserve currency instead of the US dollar. Speaking at the annual symposium on economic policy, he spoke about the need to form a new international monetary and […]

4 out of 10 cybercriminals work for large companies

Why Companies Like Google And Facebook Pay Hackers Millions Research by the University of Surrey Department of Criminology found that most of the specialized services, access tools and malware offered on the dark web are in high demand among the corporate sector.. In the course of the investigation, a group of experts maintained secret correspondence […]

Warren Buffett calls blockchain an ingenious invention, and bitcoin an illusion

Charlie Munger: Bitcoin Is Worthless Artificial Gold | CNBC The famous investor and billionaire Warren Buffett called the blockchain an ingenious and important technology, but he never changed his attitude towards cryptocurrency, considering Bitcoin to be just an illusion.. The head of Berkshire Hathaway said in a recent interview that they explained to him the […]

Scientists have turned an ordinary brick into a device for storing electricity

Scientists turn ordinary brick into a device for storing electricity Chemists have developed a substance that, when applied to the surface of ordinary red brick, turns it into a supercapacitor.. For several thousand years, bricks have been used in building construction and are rarely used for other purposes. However, researchers at the University of Washington […]

BCL Opens Recruitment for a New Group of Students for a Course on Legal Aspects of Blockchain Technologies and Cryptocurrencies

Blockchain In 7 Minutes | What Is Blockchain | Blockchain Explained|How Blockchain Works|Simplilearn On February 18, 2019 in the State Court of the Russian Federation, training for a new group of students of the BCL continuing education program begins «Legal framework and legal practices for working with cryptocurrency and blockchain projects». The training will take […]

For the first time, a self-driving truck successfully completes an off-road journey

Driverless Truck now doing 650 Mile route through America, threatens Truck Drivers Jobs After driving 4500 km on various types of roads without incident, the L4 truck became the first self-driving vehicle in the world to successfully deliver valuable cargo off-road.. A commercial refrigerator leaves Tulare, California, and autonomously transports 18 tons of butter to […]

Scientists have developed a new type of cathode for batteries

Scientists at the University of Maryland and the US Army Military Research Laboratory have developed a new chemical type cathode without a transition metal for lithium-ion batteries. The opening allows you to increase the energy density of the storage devices, while maintaining their safety. Using reversible conversion and intercalation of halogen in a graphite structure, […]

The new solar panel can be folded in half without damage

Common problems with solar panels Researchers have created a solar panel so flexible that it continues to function normally even after 10,000 folds in half.. Rigid PV panels are well suited for roofs and solar farms, but their use is severely limited elsewhere. Modern electronic technology is moving towards greater flexibility, so engineers at Pusan […]

Google wants to move device management to smart cords

Google wants to transfer device management to smart cords Google research team has developed a new technology for managing various devices and gadgets using electronic textiles. A team from the company’s artificial intelligence department has developed a smart electronic textile lanyard, using which a person can intuitively control any device. System is capable of recognizing six […]

Gateway plans to open first artificial gravity space hotel in 2025

Gateway: The $75BN Space Station Gateway unveils Von Braun Station, which could be the first space hotel with artificial gravity and all the amenities available on Earth. According to the hotel’s plan, it will be able to accommodate 400 people and will have the necessary infrastructure for a comfortable stay, including restaurants and cinemas. The […]

Porsche tests four-engine powertrain for electric SUVs

Porsche Electric Powertrain Explained The Stuttgart Porsche Engineering team has announced work on a four-engine powerplant that will provide each wheel with a separate engine for quick power distribution based on current road conditions.. The goal of the new development is not to improve the speed performance of electric vehicles, but to improve handling where […]

Yandex presented an unmanned vehicle with the fourth level of autonomy

Yandex introduced an unmanned vehicle with a fourth level of autonomy Yandex announced the release of the fourth generation unmanned vehicle based on the 2020 Hyundai Sonata. Today, the Russian Internet giant has published a video showing some of the capabilities of the new product. As part of a joint project, the Hyundai Mobis team […]

Bithumb will launch a decentralized exchange by 2019

Bithumb Global Crypto Currency Exchange Review Bithumb, Major South Korean Crypto Exchange Announces Plans To Launch Decentralized Trading Platform In Coming Months. In the wake of Binance, Bithumb decided to expand its operations internationally by launching DEX outside of South Korea. One Root Network (RNT), which has experience in creating a similar project, is helping […]

Created the first electric hydrofoil jet ski

World’s first electric hydrofoil jet-ski The University of Western Australia teamed up with Electro.Aero to develop the world’s first electric jet hydrofoil WaveFlyer. While stationary, the boat is similar to a conventional jet ski, but lifts up during movement thanks to an actively stabilized hydrofoil propulsion system. The jet ski is much quieter, more energy […]

LedgerX canceled launch of bitcoin futures due to delay by regulator

LedgerX exchange launches physically settled Bitcoin mini futures LedgerX did not launch deliverable bitcoin futures contracts due to US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) delaying the decision on their issuance application. On Wednesday, Paul Chow, the company’s CEO said on the release of the long-awaited product, but today admitted that the launch was canceled at the […]

Durable self-cleaning concrete invented

Luigi Cassar, Gian Luca Guerrini and team – Self-cleaning concrete Researchers have created a new type of durable concrete with good heat and sound insulation characteristics, which among other things, it repels various liquids. Flowing over the surface, they clean the material, taking dust particles with them. There are plenty of examples of self-cleaning surfaces in […]

Nikolay Evdokimov spoke about the mechanics of assessing the investment attractiveness of a startup

Valuation of Early Stage Startups (Part 1) – Overview for Investors | Crowdwise Academy (315) Minister of Information of the decentralized blockchain state Decenturion, blockchain expert and investor Nikolay Evdokimov talked about how to choose the right startup, what to look for during the ICO and how to invest in order to achieve maximum efficiency. […]

Smart patch for chronic wound healing invented

A Clever Bandage To Heal Chronic Wound By A Teenage Innovator. | Anushka Naiknaware | TEDxGateway Engineers developed «clever» a patch that automatically injects various medications into the area of ​​a chronic wound, and is controlled remotely via a smartphone. Chronic wounds are one of the most dangerous complications of diabetes and are the leading […]

AI-based neural system taught to recognize and voice simple human thoughts

Neural networks taught to “read minds” in real time Researchers have developed an interface that can read brain signals, analyze them using neural networks, and then use a speech synthesizer to translate simple thoughts into understandable words.. It has long been known that when people talk, listen, or think about something, characteristic patterns of activity […]

Stronger than diamond: scientists have confirmed the properties of a new carbon nanostructure

Stronger than diamond: scientists have confirmed the properties of a new carbon nanostructure Researchers have demonstrated that the new lamellar nanolattice structure has the most high for today indicator of mechanical strength, higher than that of diamond. Previous attempts by scientists to create a super-strong porous structure were not of particular practical interest, since they did […]

Brazil starts using blockchain to control public procurement

How to use Blockchain and why every organization should! The Brazilian state of Bahia launches a blockchain application for conducting and monitoring tenders for government orders. State officials say the agricultural sector will benefit the most from the innovation, as it will help agricultural organizations connect with suppliers and workers across the country. At the same […]

Indian police cannot exchange seized bitcoins due to government ban on cryptocurrency

FINALLY BITCOIN BANNED IN INDIA ? | BANK ACCOUNT FREEZE | CRYPTO TRANSACTION IN BANK NOT ALLOWED Pune police seeks permission through the court to transfer funds confiscated from the organizers of the financial crypto pyramid to the treasury. Earlier, the local branch of the cyber police seized 244 units of cryptocurrency, mainly bitcoins, in […]