Scientists have figured out why photons from other galaxies do not reach Earth

How Far Can We Go? Limits of Humanity. Scientists believe that some photons from stars in other galaxies are deflected by magnetic fields, and some by contact with intergalactic matter.. There are extragalactic objects in our universe, such as blazars., generating powerful streams of electromagnetic radiation. Only one part of the photons this stream reaches the Earth, […]

Bank of Japan: “No Central Bank will replace cash with digital currency”

Will Digital Payments Replace Cash In The U.S? Bank of Japan Deputy Governor Masayoshi Amamiya said that no central bank would abandon cash to improve the efficiency of the financial system through national digital currencies.. According to him, in order to establish negative interest rates by issuing CBDCs, central banks will need to liquidate cash, […]

Flexible metal material invented that is half the weight of paper

One of the strongest lightweight materials known Scientists have developed a new material based on metal and ash, which is half the weight of paper, has good electrical conductivity, flexibility and can withstand temperatures of 800 °C for up to 5 minutes. Engineers are currently creating and testing many options. flexible robots for use in various fields, […]

Atmospheric moisture as a promising source of renewable energy

Atmospheric moisture as a promising source of renewable energy Due to climate change, not only scientists, but also politicians are concerned about the study of renewable energy sources. In addition to the development of solar panels, wind turbines, hydroelectric dams and geothermal wells, researchers are also looking for new promising sources. In recent years, there […]

Skoltech has developed an electronic system that determines the readiness of dishes

Skoltech has developed an electronic system that determines the readiness of dishes By combining «electronic nose» with computer vision, researchers have created a system that is able to determine the readiness of various dishes by aroma and appearance. Usually, in order to determine the readiness of a dish, we carefully look at it and smell […]

Tron launched its own virtual machine with smart contracts

Deploy Smart Contract in TRON Blockchain using Tronscan | TronExpert Justin Sun announced the launch of the Tron Virtual Platform (TVM), which will significantly improve the functionality of the network by enabling the creation of Era smart contracts and decentralized applications. The platform founder emphasized that the Tron (TRX) blockchain is 200 times faster than […]

The new device generates electricity from any surrounding vibrations

The new device generates electricity from any surrounding vibrations Researchers have developed a new device for generating electricity from ambient vibrations at different frequencies with an automatic resonance tuning mechanism. Various industrial objects, cars, pedestrians and much more constantly create small vibrations with a certain amount of energy. It can be collected using the phenomenon […]

Space is a place without sanctions: US plans to team up with China to study the sun

Gravitas: Russia and China want to build a space station on the moon Chinese scientists have shared the news that their device — solar radioheliograph will be the key to cooperation with the United States. The device will work with NASA’s recently launched Parker Solar probe. Its main task will be to help American colleagues in […]

The technology that makes Youtube the best video hosting service

The Best Video Hosting Options for Businesses and Content Creators The most popular video hosting site checks millions of videos daily for prohibited or copyrighted materials, simultaneously giving out the most interesting videos to recommended ones. Artificial intelligence, which is used in almost all sections of Youtube, helps to do this quickly and efficiently.. Search […]

Cryptocurrency market capitalization exceeded $ 300 billion, but the share of bitcoin decreased by 6.5%

The rate of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies continues to grow, and today the market capitalization has exceeded the $ 300 mark. However, the increase in volume is largely due to the rise in price of altcoins, since since the beginning of the year, the indicator of the dominance of MTC has decreased from 68.2% to […]

The US wants to assign license plates to all drones

Drone Assembly Tutorial – NXP HoverGames The Federal Aviation Administration of the United States has introduced a legislative proposal to install individual remote IDs on all private drones – electronic analogs of license plates. The regulator considers this to be necessary measures to ensure the safety of the airspace. According to officials, the innovation will […]

New Zealand fears genetic manipulation could harm animals and humanity

Incredible Animals & Creatures Created By Science Scientists from New Zealand believes that genetic experiments pose a biological threat and require strict global control. Nowadays, many agricultural companies destroy pests through the creation of changes at the genetic level. When developing methods for rodents, scientists have found the possibility of correcting the breeding of offspring. Thanks to […]

Iran legalized mining

Iran Legalizes Crypto Mining? Iranian Government Economic Commission Approves Cryptocurrency Mining Mechanism To Bring It In Line With Current legislation. According to a report on the official website of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, this move is due to the growing popularity of digital coin mining in the country due to cheap electricity. Homayun Haeri, […]

Blockchain ETF Launched on London Stock Exchange

Blockchain ETF Launches On London Stock Exchange Today | ETHNews Briefs Investment firm Invesco launches ETF on the London Stock Exchange, which takes into account the performance of 48 leading companies making real profits from blockchain technology. New exchange-traded fund was named Invesco Elwood Global Blockchain ETF and will track indices of such giants as Samsung Eltctronics, Apple, […]

The possibility of transmission of infection through banknotes will stimulate the development of digital currencies, according to the BIS

Digital Currencies and Stable Coins as Crisis Management Tools According to summary Bank for International Settlements, fears that cash may be one of the channels for the spread of pathogens will increase the interest of central banks in the development of digital payment methods. The COVID-19 pandemic has heightened public concern about this, despite measures taken […]

Created a digital device that can recreate all taste sensations

A digital device has been created that can recreate all the taste sensations. Japanese inventor Khomei Miyashita has presented a portable electronic device that, upon contact with the tongue, can recreate any taste experience associated with food.. We are used to evaluating our devices by their processing power, memory size, display clarity and sound clarity. […]

Microsoft has warned cryptocurrency owners about new cyber threats

Microsoft has warned cryptocurrency owners about new cyber threats Microsoft’s research arm has warned digital asset owners that their funds in crypto wallets may be at risk due to the new Anubis virus. The Microsoft Security Intelligence (MSI) team has detected malware that has code similar to the common Android Loki Trojan. Its main function is […]

13% of Ethereum nodes disconnected due to an error in the Parity Ethereum client

Installing The Parity Ethereum Client | Blockchain An unknown error in the program code of the Parity Ethereum and OpenEthereum clients prevents the nodes from synchronizing with the last closed blocks on the network. As a result of problems with two implementations of blockchain programs, about 13% of nodes have become useless. The developers have […]

CME to suspend trading activity due to coronavirus

CME Group CEO Terry Duffy on trading floor close The Chicago Mercantile Exchange, North America’s largest financial derivatives market, has announced plans to close its trading floor in response to the coronavirus outbreak. CME Group, which, among other things, trades settlement bitcoin futures, will temporarily shut down the hall after the end of the auction on […]

Estonia has deployed a system of warning drivers about animals on the road

Estonia has deployed a system of warning drivers about animals on the road Newly installed system automatically detects the approach of large animals to the road and includes warning lights in the vicinity to reduce vehicle speed. The purpose of the innovation is not only to protect wildlife, but also to prevent injuries and accidents […]

Venezuela started paying pension in cryptocurrency

Colombia and the Cryptocurrency Revolution | Crypto | Bitcoin | Dash | Digital Cash | Documentary Venezuelan government starts paying pensions in controversial national cryptocurrency Petro without consent of the elderly. Typically, retirees received monthly bolivars in their bank account and could receive cash at the nearest branch. However, the last charges were sent to […]

Chinese miners begin to stop mining due to outbreak of coronavirus

Survivors trapped in Chinese gold mine receive food and blankets, as one worker’s death confirmed Due to the introduction of quarantine in China, local businesses are experiencing difficulties due to partial restrictions on the movement of citizens. Since the authorities are trying to keep the situation under control, in some regions people simply cannot easily […]

The digital yuan will be different from all other forms of stablecoins and cryptocurrencies

The Future of Cryptocurrency? China’s Entirely Digital Currency Explained (DCEP) – TLDR News Changchun Mu, the head of the cryptocurrency division of the People’s Bank of China, said that the digital yuan is different from bitcoin or stablecoins and does not need fiat to provide value.. According to him, the digital yuan is for making […]

Liquid exchange canceled the sale of Telegram tokens and returned money to investors

Liquid Cancels Sale of Telegram’s Gram Tokens, Returns Funds to Investors Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Liquid has canceled the sale of Gram tokens due to a delay in their release related to the litigation between Telegram and the SEC. In July 2019, the exchange began selling rights to as-yet-unissued tokens received from one of the largest […]