Porsche tests four-engine powertrain for electric SUVs

Porsche Electric Powertrain Explained

Porsche tests four-engine powertrain for electric SUVs

The Stuttgart Porsche Engineering team has announced work on a four-engine powerplant that will provide each wheel with a separate engine for quick power distribution based on current road conditions..

The goal of the new development is not to improve the speed performance of electric vehicles, but to improve handling where necessary, whether it is to resist slippery roads or to turn at high speed. The company says the powertrain under test will allow SUVs to drive with the agility of a sports car..

Such a system does not need additional sensors, and software control redistributes power and stabilizes the car in milliseconds, in contrast to the relatively limited slip observed in fuel cars. Porsche engineers say they tested software for two winters.

Porsche tests four-engine powertrain for electric SUVs

It is not yet known which model will receive the new four-engine system. Perhaps it will be an electric version of the Cayenne or an all-new all-weather SUV that will be comfortable on the road in any weather..

We also previously reported on fully modular development an automotive platform in which the engine, transmission, steering, suspension and many other systems are located in the wheel compartment.

text: Ilya Bauer, photo: Porsche