Qiwi will create a cryptobank Hash in Russia

Employees of Russia’s Qiwi to Open Cryptocurrency Investment Bank

Qiwi will create a cryptobank Hash in Russia

The development of the financial enterprise is headed by specialists from Qiwi Blockchain Technologies. The company was named HASH. The place of registration will be Russia.

The driving force behind the work was the interest in the project on the part of Sergei Solonin. According to the latest information, he has expressed a desire to become a major investor if, after certain rounds of observation, he does not change his opinion about the prospects for HASH..

The project itself, or rather its structure, is quite simple. Its participants will be able to receive a full range of investment and banking services. Most of the work will be to promote various projects with the aim of generating interest income after they are launched. The consistency of the systems made it possible to quickly get started. IN at the moment it is known about three projects that are preparing to enter crowdfunding. Additional support for the teams will be provided through close cooperation with foreign investment funds. It is known that there are already certain agreements with 10 major market players.

Qiwi will create a cryptobank Hash in Russia

Regarding the reaction of the more traditional representatives of the banking industry, a positive attitude should be noted. 

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text: Evgeniya Likhodey, photo: The Village