Robots recruit employees much better than HR managers

Robot Recruiter: Artificial intelligence used to hire employees

Robots recruit employees much better than HR managers

Artificial intelligence promises to change the hiring industry once and for all. Until now, one of the main problems is the so-called «nepotism» — many employees «lead» in the company of their relatives and friends. Recruiters and hiring managers also bring their own biases into the process.

Researchers have found that often when choosing people, headhunters pay attention to «right» and consonance of the name, as well as the prestige of education, bypassing real skills.

It is noted that companies lack racial and gender diversity. Less than 5% of Fortune 500 CEOs are women and there are only three African American CEOs in the world (Fortune 500). 

AI advocates argue that technology can eliminate some of these biases. Rather than relying on people’s feelings to make hiring decisions, companies like Entelo and Stella IO use machine learning to identify the skills required for certain jobs. The AI ​​then compares the candidates with these skills with the open positions, based on which it draws a conclusion. Companies claim to not only find the best candidates, but also to identify those who may not have previously suspected their amazing talents in the desired field..

Robots recruit employees much better than HR managers

Stella IO algorithm evaluates candidates based on skills only. He matches candidates only on the basis of the data that is put into his program. This limits bias.

AI is also used to develop talents. CorpU has partnered with the University of Michigan School of Business to build a 20-week online course that uses machine learning to identify employees with potential. Those ranked highest are usually not people who have already been on the career path and often exhibit qualities such as introversion that are overlooked during the recruitment process..

Thus, robots have established themselves as the best solution for the hiring industry, thanks to which companies can get really effective employees..

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text: Evgeniya Likhodey, photo: Coffeebeanworks / Pixabay