Smart patch for chronic wound healing invented

A Clever Bandage To Heal Chronic Wound By A Teenage Innovator. | Anushka Naiknaware | TEDxGateway

Smart patch for chronic wound healing invented

Engineers developed «clever» a patch that automatically injects various medications into the area of ​​a chronic wound, and is controlled remotely via a smartphone.

Chronic wounds are one of the most dangerous complications of diabetes and are the leading cause of limb amputation. Wherein proper treatment is problematic due to their complex nature. However, a team of researchers from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Harvard Medical School have created a high-tech patch that effectively promotes tissue healing and hair growth..

This compact, wearable device is equipped with tiny needles through which drugs are injected into damaged areas. Despite their small size, they are able to penetrate under the top layer of the wound, but with minimal pain and inflammation. In this case, the patch allows you to inject several drugs at once, which are necessary at different stages of regeneration..

The team tested the device on mice with diabetes and injuries full thickness of the skin. The experimental animals showed complete healing of wounds without scarring, which indicates a good speed and quality of treatment. Developers have already applied for a patent.

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text: Ilya Bauer, photo: University of Connecticut, parafarmic