Steven Seagal became the face of the new cryptocurrency Bitcoiin2Gen

Altcoins This Week: Another Japanese Exchange Hiccup, and Steven Seagal Joins the Crypto Craze

Steven Seagal became the face of the new cryptocurrency Bitcoiin2Gen

Actor Steven Seagal announced that he has become the face of an advertising campaign for the Bitcoiin2Gen (B2G) cryptocurrency. It is a new cryptocurrency that claims to be a more advanced and popular version of the original Bitcoin (Satoshi Nikamoto).

Bitcoiin2Gen uses the Ethereum blockchain and P2P payment system similar to the Bitcoin project. Their technical documentation does not provide an explanation of these systems as it is unnecessary. After all, Vitalik Buterin and Satoshi Nikamoto have already explained everything.

Brochure section «About Bitcoiin2Gen» explains the difference between the new coin and bitcoin in that the project has its own ecosystem and an electronic wallet, mining equipment, the ability to exchange coins for altcoins and fiat currencies.

Actor and black belt in Aikido Segal — the first foreigner to open his own dojo to teach aikido in Japan. He is known for films such as «Death in spite of», «Marked for death», «In the name of justice» and many others. It is said that he got his first role in Hollywood after he arranged an aikido demonstration for the Warner brothers..

Segal was also into music and released an album called Songs from the Crystal Cave in 2007. Of his recent paintings, one can name «Asian liaison», «Perfect weapon», «Barrel end», «Murder contract» and «China seller».

Steven Seagal became the face of the new cryptocurrency Bitcoiin2Gen

Segal Tweeted about his involvement in the new cryptocurrency project on February 20. This coincided with the release of other negative publications about this cryptocurrency..

In an attempt to allay the fear that any association with the pyramid scheme could entail, the Bitcoiin2Gen project responded: Their four-tier commission structure resembles a pyramid, within which investors can make money by promoting B2G through conversations alone. But this structure will only exist during the initial coin offering (ICO).

The B2G ICO was launched in January 2018 and the official release of the cryptocurrency is scheduled for March 2018. According to forecasts, by December of this year, the cost of one coin may exceed $ 338.

The organizers assure that there is nothing strange in the fact that Steven Seagal took up the promotion of the cryptocurrency, since quite often public figures are the faces of any brands. And you shouldn’t associate his participation in an advertising campaign with a recommendation to invest. Neither he nor the company itself gave such advice..

Nonetheless Bitcoiin2Gen admits that Segal’s involvement in the project will bring them popularity. The organizers believe that the fact of independence and self-sufficiency of the Bitcoiin2Gen coin — the only reason for enthusiasts to participate in ICO or Bitcoiin2Gen.

a photo: Al Bawaba