CTO Ripple: “We are much more decentralized than Bitcoin or Ethereum”

Bitcoin vs XRP: The Truth About Decentralization Ripple CTO David Schwartz explains why the top two cryptocurrencies in terms of capitalization are close to centralization. Ripple’s CTO recently said the XRP blockchain is more decentralized compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum. On his blog, he tried justify criticism of XRP, which many see as overly centralized. Schwartz’s main […]

Bitcoin rate rises above $ 11 thousand, fully recovered after the March collapse

0.01 Bitcoin Is All You Need To Be Rich | Ethereum is a SLEEPING GIANT ready to explode! 💥 Bitcoin Price Recovers New 2020 High of $ 11,170K After Four Months Recovery Signaling Full Recovery After March Crash. Due to the introduction of a global quarantine in mid-March following the stock markets cryptocurrency also collapsed. In […]

Bitcoin network has processed more than 500 million transactions

500,000,000 Bitcoin Transactions Processed According to the analytical website Blockosain Statoshi, over the entire existence of the batcoin blockchain, more than 500 million transactions have already been confirmed in it.. The project representatives said that the milestone of half a billion operations was passed at the height of block 616064.. The first registered Bitcoin transaction […]

LedgerX canceled launch of bitcoin futures due to delay by regulator

LedgerX exchange launches physically settled Bitcoin mini futures LedgerX did not launch deliverable bitcoin futures contracts due to US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) delaying the decision on their issuance application. On Wednesday, Paul Chow, the company’s CEO said on the release of the long-awaited product, but today admitted that the launch was canceled at the […]

Blockstream Co-Founder Unveils Way to Scale Bitcoin Without Hard Forking

Why Blockstream Destroyed Bitcoin Blockstream co-founder Mark Friedenbach proposed a new concept of Bitcoin network scaling based on alternating PoW algorithms that can be implemented using alternative ledgers without having to hard fork.. The concept was named Forward Blocks and is based on the principle «shards», that is, adding new structural elements to the main […]