China successfully tests a prototype of a magnetic levitation train, accelerating to 600 km / h

China’s 600 kph maglev train conducts successful test run A prototype superfast maglev train made its first run on the Shanghai section of the track on Sunday. Chinese prototype maglev accelerate to 600 km / h and at a distance of up to 1500 km is able to compete with passenger aircraft. Such a tremendous speed is […]

China conducted the first biological experiment on the moon

China’s Weird Moon Discovery Baffles Scientists China’s National Space Administration reports mission-delivered seeds have begun to sprout on the moon «Chang’e-4». In addition to equipment for geological research, the spacecraft contains a container with air, water, seeds of cotton, potatoes, rapeseed and arabidopsis, as well as a culture of yeast and fruit fly eggs, which […]

Space is a place without sanctions: US plans to team up with China to study the sun

Gravitas: Russia and China want to build a space station on the moon Chinese scientists have shared the news that their device — solar radioheliograph will be the key to cooperation with the United States. The device will work with NASA’s recently launched Parker Solar probe. Its main task will be to help American colleagues in […]