Created a new rubber-like material that can be used to replace human tissue

Nanostructured rubber-like material with optimal properties could replace human tissue Researchers have developed a nano-rubber material with a number of unique properties that can be used as a replacement for cartilage and other human tissues in medical procedures. There is now a significant demand for materials that can be implanted into the body without side […]

Scientists have created a crystal that becomes flexible when exposed to electricity

Gemstones’ Electric Charge! Researchers have developed a crystalline material that becomes flexible when energized, and is also capable of independently generating an electric current from pressure.. To create it, a team from Nanyang Technological University changed the chemical structure of a hybrid ferroelectric compound C6H5N (CH3) 3CdCl3 and replaced some chlorine atoms in its composition with […]

Physicists have created the perfect metal absorber for solar energy

Solar Panel Physics : Such Great Physics Using powerful femtosecond laser pulses, scientists etched nanostructures on a metal surface that selectively absorb light only from the solar spectrum.. Ordinary metal surfaces are shiny and reflect light well. Previously, a team from the University of Rochester developed a technology to make the surface of metals black, […]

The first car on the blockchain will be created by the Porche company

The Story of Porsche: From WW2 to the 911 Porsche talked about being the first car manufacturer to implement and successfully test blockchain technology in cars. The range of application of blockchain technology can be quite wide: from closing and opening car doors through a special application with the ability to authorize temporary access to new […]

Scientists have created a wearable sensor for monitoring health and air pollution

Researchers have developed a highly sensitive sensor that allows you to monitor health conditions using a smartphone and determine the presence of harmful chemicals in the environment. To create a sensor device, scientists used a nanomaterial of reduced graphene oxide and molybdenum disulfide, on which, using a laser, they formed furrows with pores to detect […]

Created the first electric hydrofoil jet ski

World’s first electric hydrofoil jet-ski The University of Western Australia teamed up with Electro.Aero to develop the world’s first electric jet hydrofoil WaveFlyer. While stationary, the boat is similar to a conventional jet ski, but lifts up during movement thanks to an actively stabilized hydrofoil propulsion system. The jet ski is much quieter, more energy […]

Created microscopic biorobots, set in motion by muscles and nerves

Muscle and Motion Researchers have developed soft robotic devices controlled by neuromuscular tissue that respond to light stimulation. The technology brings mechanical engineering closer to the creation of autonomous biorobots that act depending on environmental signals. Bioengineers at the University of Illinois first created biobots in 2014. Previous variants moved with the help of rats’ […]

Created a digital device that can recreate all taste sensations

A digital device has been created that can recreate all the taste sensations. Japanese inventor Khomei Miyashita has presented a portable electronic device that, upon contact with the tongue, can recreate any taste experience associated with food.. We are used to evaluating our devices by their processing power, memory size, display clarity and sound clarity. […]