China conducted the first biological experiment on the moon

China’s Weird Moon Discovery Baffles Scientists China’s National Space Administration reports mission-delivered seeds have begun to sprout on the moon «Chang’e-4». In addition to equipment for geological research, the spacecraft contains a container with air, water, seeds of cotton, potatoes, rapeseed and arabidopsis, as well as a culture of yeast and fruit fly eggs, which […]

The first car on the blockchain will be created by the Porche company

The Story of Porsche: From WW2 to the 911 Porsche talked about being the first car manufacturer to implement and successfully test blockchain technology in cars. The range of application of blockchain technology can be quite wide: from closing and opening car doors through a special application with the ability to authorize temporary access to new […]

For the first time, a self-driving truck successfully completes an off-road journey

Driverless Truck now doing 650 Mile route through America, threatens Truck Drivers Jobs After driving 4500 km on various types of roads without incident, the L4 truck became the first self-driving vehicle in the world to successfully deliver valuable cargo off-road.. A commercial refrigerator leaves Tulare, California, and autonomously transports 18 tons of butter to […]

Created the first electric hydrofoil jet ski

World’s first electric hydrofoil jet-ski The University of Western Australia teamed up with Electro.Aero to develop the world’s first electric jet hydrofoil WaveFlyer. While stationary, the boat is similar to a conventional jet ski, but lifts up during movement thanks to an actively stabilized hydrofoil propulsion system. The jet ski is much quieter, more energy […]

Gateway plans to open first artificial gravity space hotel in 2025

Gateway: The $75BN Space Station Gateway unveils Von Braun Station, which could be the first space hotel with artificial gravity and all the amenities available on Earth. According to the hotel’s plan, it will be able to accommodate 400 people and will have the necessary infrastructure for a comfortable stay, including restaurants and cinemas. The […]