5 terrible technologies that will shape our future

The technology that will shape our future Throughout history, many technologies were initially treated with apprehension, and it usually took only one or two generations to get used to it. However, some emerging technologies today raise serious doubts and questions about their long-term impact.. Recommender systems Each had to think over some decisions for hours, […]

On September 7, EU finance ministers to discuss the future of cryptocurrencies

What Is the Future of Cryptocurrency? (2021 and Beyond) On September 7, a meeting of finance ministers of the 28 countries of the European Union is scheduled in Vienna, during which they will discuss cryptocurrencies, the implications of their impact on the eurozone and the regulatory measures needed to ensure economic stability. Potentially, this meeting […]

Liverpool will be the green city of the future

Real Estate Sydney Property Market: Liverpool (Future Growth and Best Investment Potential!) In a race to improve environmental performance, Liverpool authorities plan to create better conditions for leadership — a widespread transition to green energy is planned in the city. Blockchain technology will be an auxiliary link in the work, with the help of which […]