Mail.Ru Group and GeekBrains to Launch Digital MBA Education Program

Презентация Digital MBA Mail.Ru Group and educational portal GeekBrains announced the launch of a business education program «Digital MBA», dedicated to digital business transformation. During the training, participants will learn how to develop and monetize products,  shape successful digital strategies, lead a team, and more. Among the teachers there will be top managers and leading […]

BCL Opens Recruitment for a New Group of Students for a Course on Legal Aspects of Blockchain Technologies and Cryptocurrencies

Blockchain In 7 Minutes | What Is Blockchain | Blockchain Explained|How Blockchain Works|Simplilearn On February 18, 2019 in the State Court of the Russian Federation, training for a new group of students of the BCL continuing education program begins «Legal framework and legal practices for working with cryptocurrency and blockchain projects». The training will take […]