Robotic contact lenses invented whose refraction is controlled by eye movements

Can This Bionic Lens Give You Smart Vision? New soft contact lenses allow the user to zoom in and out of objects by controlling their refractive index with eye movements or double blinking. Most soft robotics devices are manually controlled or preprogrammed to perform certain actions. However, researchers at the University of California have invented […]

Engineers invented acoustically controlled microrobots

Engineers invented acoustically controlled microrobots Researchers have developed microscopic remote-controlled mechanical devices whose motors are powered  ultrasound. They can find many uses in medicine.. Using 3-D nanoprinting technology, engineers at the École Polytechnique de lausanne have created tiny, cage-sized soft capsules made entirely of biocompatible hydrogel. Their key elements are acoustic micromotors and mechanisms that […]

Flexible metal material invented that is half the weight of paper

One of the strongest lightweight materials known Scientists have developed a new material based on metal and ash, which is half the weight of paper, has good electrical conductivity, flexibility and can withstand temperatures of 800 °C for up to 5 minutes. Engineers are currently creating and testing many options. flexible robots for use in various fields, […]

Durable self-cleaning concrete invented

Luigi Cassar, Gian Luca Guerrini and team – Self-cleaning concrete Researchers have created a new type of durable concrete with good heat and sound insulation characteristics, which among other things, it repels various liquids. Flowing over the surface, they clean the material, taking dust particles with them. There are plenty of examples of self-cleaning surfaces in […]