CTO Ripple: “We are much more decentralized than Bitcoin or Ethereum”

Bitcoin vs XRP: The Truth About Decentralization Ripple CTO David Schwartz explains why the top two cryptocurrencies in terms of capitalization are close to centralization. Ripple’s CTO recently said the XRP blockchain is more decentralized compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum. On his blog, he tried justify criticism of XRP, which many see as overly centralized. Schwartz’s main […]

Robots recruit employees much better than HR managers

Robot Recruiter: Artificial intelligence used to hire employees Artificial intelligence promises to change the hiring industry once and for all. Until now, one of the main problems is the so-called «nepotism» — many employees «lead» in the company of their relatives and friends. Recruiters and hiring managers also bring their own biases into the process. […]