ICE plans to spend more than $ 20 million to create Bakkt

🔴 Big Things Are Happening With Cryptocurrency [Bitcoin, XRP, Ethereum Update] Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) network of exchanges and clearing houses for financial and commodity markets intends to invest over $ 20 million in Bakkt platform. The company’s chief financial officer, Scott Hill, said that in terms of expenses for 2019, $ 20-25 million has been […]

Space is a place without sanctions: US plans to team up with China to study the sun

Gravitas: Russia and China want to build a space station on the moon Chinese scientists have shared the news that their device — solar radioheliograph will be the key to cooperation with the United States. The device will work with NASA’s recently launched Parker Solar probe. Its main task will be to help American colleagues in […]

Gateway plans to open first artificial gravity space hotel in 2025

Gateway: The $75BN Space Station Gateway unveils Von Braun Station, which could be the first space hotel with artificial gravity and all the amenities available on Earth. According to the hotel’s plan, it will be able to accommodate 400 people and will have the necessary infrastructure for a comfortable stay, including restaurants and cinemas. The […]