Scientists have discovered a light source that generates paired photons

Physical Science 7.3h – Atoms Absorb and Emit Light Researchers accidentally identified light source that generates two photons at once from the energy of an electron. The opening can be used to development secure quantum information technologies and replacement of electronic components of computer chips with optical. Quantum information is very sensitive and can disappear upon contact with the environment, […]

Scientists have created a wearable sensor for monitoring health and air pollution

Researchers have developed a highly sensitive sensor that allows you to monitor health conditions using a smartphone and determine the presence of harmful chemicals in the environment. To create a sensor device, scientists used a nanomaterial of reduced graphene oxide and molybdenum disulfide, on which, using a laser, they formed furrows with pores to detect […]

Scientists have created a crystal that becomes flexible when exposed to electricity

Gemstones’ Electric Charge! Researchers have developed a crystalline material that becomes flexible when energized, and is also capable of independently generating an electric current from pressure.. To create it, a team from Nanyang Technological University changed the chemical structure of a hybrid ferroelectric compound C6H5N (CH3) 3CdCl3 and replaced some chlorine atoms in its composition with […]

Scientists have found a new material that doubles the efficiency of silicon-based electronics

Exploring solar panel efficiency breakthroughs in 2020 A team of German scientists found that processing transistors with scandium aluminum nitride (ScAlN) can maximize power output and reduce power consumption of silicon-based devices. Although the semiconductor made from Si is the most successful and widespread in modern devices, but are gradually approaching their physical efficiency limit. Therefore, […]

Scientists Accelerate Algae Photosynthesis with New Polymer

VLIZ MARINE SCIENCE DAY 2021 Researchers Stimulate Algae Photosynthesis with Modified Light-Harvesting Polymer, Increasing Their Growth Rate by 100%. Algae are promising sources of biofuel production, but they are rarely used due to their slow growth. However, scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences have created a synthetically light-harvesting polymer material that increases plant activity […]

Scientists have figured out why photons from other galaxies do not reach Earth

How Far Can We Go? Limits of Humanity. Scientists believe that some photons from stars in other galaxies are deflected by magnetic fields, and some by contact with intergalactic matter.. There are extragalactic objects in our universe, such as blazars., generating powerful streams of electromagnetic radiation. Only one part of the photons this stream reaches the Earth, […]

Stronger than diamond: scientists have confirmed the properties of a new carbon nanostructure

Stronger than diamond: scientists have confirmed the properties of a new carbon nanostructure Researchers have demonstrated that the new lamellar nanolattice structure has the most high for today indicator of mechanical strength, higher than that of diamond. Previous attempts by scientists to create a super-strong porous structure were not of particular practical interest, since they did […]

Scientists have developed a new type of cathode for batteries

Scientists at the University of Maryland and the US Army Military Research Laboratory have developed a new chemical type cathode without a transition metal for lithium-ion batteries. The opening allows you to increase the energy density of the storage devices, while maintaining their safety. Using reversible conversion and intercalation of halogen in a graphite structure, […]

Scientists have turned an ordinary brick into a device for storing electricity

Scientists turn ordinary brick into a device for storing electricity Chemists have developed a substance that, when applied to the surface of ordinary red brick, turns it into a supercapacitor.. For several thousand years, bricks have been used in building construction and are rarely used for other purposes. However, researchers at the University of Washington […]