New Zealand Tests Wireless Power Lines

New Zealand Tests Wireless Power Lines New Zealand startup Emrod is developing a long-distance wireless transmission system with government support to replace traditional transmission lines. Since the days of Nikola Tesla, many engineers have tried to develop a practical technology for transmitting large amounts of electricity through the air that could be used on an […]

EU Tests Shock Absorbing Pavement To Help Avoid Fall Injury

Falls and Fall-Related Injury and Prevention Researchers have developed a new coating for sidewalks and bike paths, more than 60% of which is made from crushed rubber to reduce fall injuries and save thousands of lives. Falls are the second leading cause of death from accidental or unintentional injury, according to the World Health Organization. For […]

China successfully tests a prototype of a magnetic levitation train, accelerating to 600 km / h

China’s 600 kph maglev train conducts successful test run A prototype superfast maglev train made its first run on the Shanghai section of the track on Sunday. Chinese prototype maglev accelerate to 600 km / h and at a distance of up to 1500 km is able to compete with passenger aircraft. Such a tremendous speed is […]

Porsche tests four-engine powertrain for electric SUVs

Porsche Electric Powertrain Explained The Stuttgart Porsche Engineering team has announced work on a four-engine powerplant that will provide each wheel with a separate engine for quick power distribution based on current road conditions.. The goal of the new development is not to improve the speed performance of electric vehicles, but to improve handling where […]