Hyundai unveils new Neptune HDC-6 hydrogen fuel tractor concept

Hyundai HDC-6 Hydrogen Tractor and Trailer Walkaround South Korean carmaker Hyundai Motor Showcases Neptune HDC-6 Electric Tractor Concept Powered by Hydrogen Fuel. The 18-wheel vehicle has a sleek exterior design and a spacious interior. Company has not yet announced information about its power, range and other main technical characteristics. So far, we only know that the […]

Blockstream Co-Founder Unveils Way to Scale Bitcoin Without Hard Forking

Why Blockstream Destroyed Bitcoin Blockstream co-founder Mark Friedenbach proposed a new concept of Bitcoin network scaling based on alternating PoW algorithms that can be implemented using alternative ledgers without having to hard fork.. The concept was named Forward Blocks and is based on the principle «shards», that is, adding new structural elements to the main […]