Most Chinese banks are already using blockchain in their activities

Five most important crypto events in 2019 | BitScreener According to the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, most of the country’s banks and major technology companies have implemented blockchain in their products.. According to the report, 72 financial institutions have already reported to the government that they are providing services based on distributed ledger […]

Russian Railways are thinking about using cryptocurrency

All Aboard For The Russian Railway Companies Using Blockchain Technology Oleg Belozerov, CEO of Russian Railways, in his interview «RIA News» said that the company is studying the prospects for using blockchain in its activities and is considering the possibility of adopting cryptocurrency, but only if it receives legitimate status. The head of Russian Railways […]

Brazil starts using blockchain to control public procurement

How to use Blockchain and why every organization should! The Brazilian state of Bahia launches a blockchain application for conducting and monitoring tenders for government orders. State officials say the agricultural sector will benefit the most from the innovation, as it will help agricultural organizations connect with suppliers and workers across the country. At the same […]