The technology of ultrasonic levitation, enveloping obstacle is presented

Ultrasonic levitation

The technology of ultrasonic levitation, enveloping obstacle is presented

Physicists at the University of Sussex pioneered ultrasonic levitation technology that can bend waves to avoid obstacles.

The research team has developed SoundBender, an interface that creates dynamic self-distorting radiation that holds a small object in the air and allows you to feel the repulsive effect tactilely. However, the uniqueness lies in the complexity of the sound field, and the ability to bend around obstacles in its path..

Physicists have been able to achieve this with a hybrid system that combines the versatility of phased array transducers with the precision of acoustic metamaterials. In addition to levitation, ultrasound can be used to manipulate non-rigid objects, such as a candle flame or water. The principle of the technology is similar to holographic imaging..

The advantage of sonic levitation is that it does not require any specific physical properties, such as magnetic or electrical, in the manipulated object. Now scientists are working to expand the frequency range of the device. This would make it possible, for example, to create zones of silence in noisy rooms. In the future, the technology can be used to improve interactivity in museums and games, control fire, vapors, liquids and synchronize them with music.

An equally amazing technology is being developed by the startup MAP. He plans to launch a blockchain platform that will allow a glimpse into the past.

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