Volunteer robots to help disabled fans during the 2020 Olympics

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Volunteer robots to help disabled fans during the 2020 Olympics

The organizers of the Tokyo Olympic Games have introduced two new types of robots that will help disabled fans during sports events.

Toyota is responsible for the development of volunteer robots. The first type of device (HSR) will help people by bringing objects to them, picking up fallen things from the ground and performing other small errands. It is equipped with one retractable arm, cameras, sensors and an AI system that will ensure that certain commands are executed. However, control will require a special tablet with a ready-made list of possible actions..

The second type of robot is designed as an automated delivery device with an integrated beverage tray. Although it looks more like a litter bin with flashing lights, Toyota engineers say the technology will provide a more comfortable environment for people in wheelchairs..

The developers say they will continue to improve the devices and are working on adding new useful features. During the 2020 Olympic Games, it is planned to use 16 units of each of the presented types of volunteer robots. Additionally, the event organizers presented a Panasonic exoskeleton that will help with the delivery of cargo or heavy luggage brought by athletes and officials.

Volunteer robots to help disabled fans during the 2020 Olympics

Organizers say they want to go beyond the 1964 Tokyo Olympics in terms of legacy. Recall that then the iconic bullet train was launched, symbolizing the country’s recovery from World War II.

This time they will surprise with unmanned vehicles, progressive face recognition systems, various types of robotic devices, ultra-clear television and other technological innovations..

Toyota recently began working with the Japanese aerospace agency on a two-seat, six-wheeled lunar rover..

Text: Ilya Bauer, photos and video: The Japan Times